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  1. Downloading and Installing TSCii fonts

  2. Viewing Dynamic Fonts

  3. Installing InaimathiTSC fonts from Murasu



The dynamic fonts work best with Netscape Browser but they can also be viewed with Internet Explorer. You will find that the fonts automatically download on the page. The first time this may take 45 seconds or so. After that, they will download instantly.

The settings on Netscape Browser

1. Click the Edit tab on the menu bar of the browser.
2. Click the Preferences tab.
Select Appearance and click on it.
Now click on Fonts in the Category panel and enable the following option by clicking in the check box : Use document-specified fonts, including dynamic fonts.

Reload the page. The fonts will show on your screen.

If they don't, then delete the Netscape cache.

This can be done using the following steps:

1. Click on Edit.
2. Click on Preferences.
3. Click on Advanced.
4. Click on Cache.
5. Click on Clear Memory Cache
6. Click on Clear Disk Cache.
7. Click on OK.

Reload the page. And you can view the fonts.

The cache must be cleared once every ten days for better viewing.

The settings on Internet Explorer

1. If you are using IE 4, click on View and then Click on Internet Options.
    If you are using IE 5.0, click on Tools and then Click on Internet Options.

2. Click on Security tab.

3. Click on Custom level.

4. Click on Settings button.

5. You will now see a screen which has several commands giving multiple options. Please click in the appropriate boxes to enable the following commands:

i. ActiveX controls and plug ins Enable

ii. Script ActiveX controls marked safe Enable

iii. Downloads File download Enable

iv. Java permission Medium safety

v. Access data sources across domains Enable

vi. Submit nonencrypted form data Enable

vii. Scripting by Java applets Enable

viii. Reset customs settings to Medium


6. After you have carried out the above mentioned changes, Click on Advanced.

Enable the following commands by clicking on the check boxes:

i. Java console
                   Click on Enable

ii.  Java JIT compiler
                   Click on Enable

iii.  Java logging
                   Click on Enabled

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